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3 Weeks Traveling Around Europe

I LOVE traveling. If I won the lottery, I wouldn’t buy any fancy items, I would just put it all in a savings account and fund my ability to travel for the rest of my life. When I booked 3 weeks off at work, I had a little bit of a debate with myself about where I should go. I have about 10,000 places on my bucket list, so it wasn’t an easy decision.

Europe is an incredible place simply because it’s so easy to travel between a lot of different countries without paying a fortune or spending the whole vacation on an airplane. So, where did I go?

  1. Paris (1 Day)
Explore all the bridges in Paris

2. Nice (2 days)

The Promenade in Nice

3. Monterosso in the Cinque Terre (3 days)

Views of Monterosso before beginning the hike to the 5 towns

4. Rome (1 Day)

The architecture and getting lost in alleys were even better than the tourist destinations in Rome!

5. Venice (1 Day)

The canals are spectacular to explore

6. Dubrovnik, Croatia (3 Days)

Red roofs and old city walls define the city of Dubrovnik

7. Dublin and the Cliffs of Moher, Ireland (3 days)

The Cliffs of Moher are more beautiful than a camera can capture

8. Iceland (6 Days)

Skogafoss waterfall in Iceland

Since returning back to my normal life after this trip, one of the most frequent questions I have been getting is “Did you spend all of your time traveling rather than being able to truly absorb each place?” I think it’s a genuine question, but my answer is a resounding “No!” Because we planned this trip as we did, we were able to see a bunch in each place we went. My one caveat is that neither of us are all that interested in spending loads of time in museums. If we wanted to spend hours in all the big museums, we would’ve had to spend more time in the main cities.

The main cities we only spent one day in – we would typically take the train and get into the city in early afternoon. After dropping our luggage at our lodging, we would take off at full speed and stay up late (typically fueled by whatever alcohol is most popular in the area). We would also wake up early to explore more before leaving in the late morning. This is one of the reasons we were able to see so much. We would talk on the train to the city about what we most wanted to see and would try to map out how we could get there. Some of the places that were more beach-y (i.e. Nice, Dubrovnik) we went at a much slower pace so that we wouldn’t burn ourselves out.

It worked even better than I could have planned. We had the perfect amount of relaxing and exploring. I have been on vacations where it was all active and others where all we did was relax, and I usually feel a little discontent on those. Too much activity can leave you feeling burnt out by the end (anyone ever hear the words “I need a vacation from my vacation” come out of their mouth?) and too much relaxation can make the time speed by without feeling like you accomplished anything.

Relaxing moments on Nice with the sun shining on my chilled wine


Finding a mix for your vacation will depend on your personal preferences. I figure when you’re young is the time to travel and see as much as possible. When I am older, maybe I will slow down the pace and, who knows, maybe I will find that I absorb more that way! For now, the mix of adventure and excitement with moments of respite are perfect for me.

Glacier hiking in Iceland was an adventure highlight of the trip

I will be writing posts and travel advice on all of these destinations in the coming weeks, so stay posted and follow this blog if you are interested in learning more about them!



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